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Diesel Economy Remapping

This type of repair is applicablee for all diesel engines like turbo and non-turbo, our Diesel Economy Re-mapping service will enhance the fuel economy of the vehicle and at the same time there will be an appreciable increase the performance of engine.

 This very remap is very common amongst taxies and courier drivers. Most of our clients are reporting an immense fuel saving from our Diesel Economy Re-mapping service.

The Diesel Performance Re-mapping service emphasizes on extracting maximum power from the engine and our Diesel Economy Re-mapping service emphasizes on unlocking maximum fuel efficiency. Our expert technician can also combine the two and completely transform how the vehicle delivers and behaves.

One can get the following advantages from our Diesel Economy Re-Mapping:

  • Enhanced Performance Output
  • Easier Power Delivery
  • Ease Out Flat Spots
  • Improved Engine Efficiency
  • Less Emissions
  • Quicker Acceleration Response
  • Better miles per gallon
  • Enhanced Torque

Our Diesel Economy Re-mapping service can get you un-parallel results and it is estimated from our records to improve the fuel economy of your vehicle by as much as 15%-20%. This enhancement will immediately cuts the fuel cost and compensates the costs of the remap.